All jeepers Social members have to go through a Jeepers induction and driving orientation even if you’ve driven in the desert before,
only then will the Jeepers Officials and Marshals be able to assess your level of competence.
Each level as detailed will be graded by Jeepers Management and Marshals with a three star system (3 Levels at Beginner, 3 Levels at Intermediate), all driver’s profiles will show the relevant star rating.


As a beginner you will focus on feeling comfortable with your jeep off-road, basic equipment required and how to use it, deflation and inflation of tyres and driving in the desert, you will witness a variety of recovery techniques as the Marshals support you during your first few drives. Drive durations will typically be 3-4 hours with plenty of breaks allowing you to fully appreciate your jeep and the environment you’re in.

The intention of this absolute beginner Instruction is not to make you off road experts but to give you a good overview of some off-road basics. Jeepers want you to enjoy off-roading and the environment, obeying some basic rules and behaviour ensures undisturbed enjoyment and safe return to tarmac.

Typically to advance to Intermediate you will need to have completed a minimum of 12 drives under Jeepers tuition and advanced through the three-star system of grading as well as collecting the listed equipment.

“However,” advancing to the next level is not dependant on the number of drives you achieve but your ability shown.

Beginner Levels (1,2 & 3 Star)

Fully understood the risks involved with driving off-road

  • Able to drive fluently and safely without being a danger to themselves or others
  • Follow instructions and guidelines as dictated by Jeepers Marshals
  • Have the minimum safety equipment
  • Learn how to crest small to medium dunes safely
  • Learn how to ascend small to medium dunes safely
  • Learn how to descend small to medium slip faces safely

Equipment Required

  • Towing Points Front and Rear
  • Tyre Deflator/Inflator
  • Rated Kinetic Rope
  • Soft Shackle
  • Flag pole and flag
  • VHF Radio
  • Compressor
  • Base Plate for Jacking up your Jeep
  • Shovel
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Jack


As an intermediate driver you will drive and explore harsher environments and be capable of driving for longer periods of time with higher levels of difficulty. You will be taught recovery techniques under the watchful eye of a Marshal allowing you to assist your fellow drivers at events should your help be required.

Typically to advance to Advanced Level you will have needed to have completed a minimum of 20 Intermediate drives under Jeepers tuition and advanced through the three-star system of grading as well as collecting the listed equipment.

“However,” advancing to the next level is not dependent on the number of drives you achieve but your ability shown.

  • Crest large dunes and descend large slip faces safely and with appropriate levels of power without jumping
  • Safely side slope in a controlled manner
  • Side cresting at an angle
  • Crest switching
  • Safely enter and exit small and large bowls
  • Safely manage all aspects of recovery using a winch or kinetic rope under the supervision of a Marshal demonstrating proper safety assessment and position, clear communication, safe equipment use and vehicle control
  • Understanding of GPS navigation and navigating to waypoints

Additional Equipment Required

  • GPS System (Phone or Dedicated)
  • Winch


As an Advanced Driver you will have gained significant knowledge of driving in a variety of environments, learnt recovery techniques and supported Marshals. Your next challenge will be a deeper understanding of GPS Navigation, be able to plot and follow waypoints. Fully understand and appreciate the convoy system, learn and understand sweeping techniques and the support required for your fellow Jeepers Social members should your support be required.

  • Confidently and safely navigate to defined points and a safe exit point during day or night conditions, program waypoints into their GPS and use the GPS to navigate to a waypoint.
  • Safely perform the role of sweeper in a trip, keeping the Lead Marshal aware of any problems or stuck in the convoy and coordinating any recoveries with the Lead Marshal.

At all-time drives will be assessed, dangerous driving and or ignoring Marshals instruction where there are genuine safety concerns can and will mean a Jeeper can be downgraded.

At all times we consider the Safety of Jeepers


As a Marshal it’s as much about your attitude as your considerable driving ability, recovery and sweeping experience in all types of environments. You will show commitment to the Jeepers Team and Jeepers Social members. Be able to navigate in the desert and plot way points.

Three Levels of Marshals exist in Jeepers

3 Star Marshals are the Leaders, you decide direction, types of dunes to conduct the various exercises on, teaching and conducting exercises along with your fellow Marshals

2 Star Marshals will typically be sweepers, you control the convoy from the back, making sure the convoy stays together and supporting the marshals in front of you with and recovery.

1 Star Marshals are generally in the middle of the convoy watching whats going on and maintaining the convoy shape and speed, supporting the Lead and Sweep when required.

Several challenges await you, fully trained in recovery and eventually Leading however a good Marshal is not always a leader as it encompasses all the driving skills you will have learnt, patience with the group but importantly the ability to read the environment you’re in.

Whilst you should have the skill to tackle most environments it’s the understanding you require to lead every driver beneath you safely along a route and back to the exit point.

Marshals will also learn how to pass on their knowledge through tuition of members with less experience, talk to and not at people and most of all respect everyone.


Experts form part of the Jeepers Social Management and are the only Jeepers Social members that can post an official Jeepers drive, carry out personal tuition, approve lower levels of members to be upgraded.

Experts are deeply involved in the running of the Jeepers Social experience, with the support of the Marshals and the Jeepers community we all make it the best Social Group and lifestyle experience in the UAE.

Essential Off-road Equipment

(Available at Jeepers)

  • Ensure you have proper recovery points on your Jeep front and back
  • Good tyres – including a serviceable spare wheel
  • Towing points Front and Rear of your Jeep
  • Jack and Wheel brace (Check you have the right size for your specific wheel nuts as some rims differ)
  • Base Plate (Jacking board) for jacking in soft ground (Sand)
  • Basic tool kit
  • Tyre Pressure Gauge / Deflators
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Motion Sickness Tablets (Really needed if you have passengers as more than 50% feel sick during a drive)
  • Air Compressor
  • Jump Cables or Power Pack
  • Kinetic Rope (Snatch Strap)
  • Tow Rope
  • Hard Shackles and or Soft Shackles
  • Shovel
  • Gloves
  • VHF Radio with spare batteries
  • Flag-pole and flag
  • Rubbish Bag (never leave anything behind you)
  • Torch
  • GPS on your phone (Various exist with GAIA being one of the easiest to use)
  • Dedicated GPS (Essential if you’re going deeper into the desert)
  • Winch with synthetic rope (If you have a winch with a wire rope we would suggest changing to synthetic as it’s safer)
  • Winch Dampner