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Events Disclaimer

1.1 I will adhere to all written and verbal instructions given by the organisers and instructor/guides
at any time during the event/trip.
1.2 I confirm the vehicle that I am using in relation to the event is Insured for on and Off-Road use
and i hereby indemnify the organisers for any liability arising from our failure to meet these
1.3 I confirm I am responsible for any equipment I may bring to the event and also confirm it shall be
fit for purpose.
1.4 I will not hold the organisers, landowners, instructors/guides or any agent of the company
responsible for any loss or damage and we hereby agree to indemnify the above mentioned for any
liability for loss or damage howsoever caused.
1.5 I understand that Public Roads will be used to link tracks and trails and will be subject to all
normal regulations and all legal requirements relating to my vehicle will need to be satisfied.
1.6 I confirm all recovery and safety equipment will be in good order and will have been tested and
1.7 The organisers need to make you aware that all parts of the events are undertaken of your own
volition, you are at liberty to decline any part of the event which you consider unsuitable or
potentially damaging to your vehicle/passengers or equipment.
1.8 The organisers need to make you aware that any driver deemed unfit to participate in any event
will be excluded from the starting point and the decision of the organisers/guides will be final.
1.9 I confirm I am responsible for the safety of any passengers in my vehicle.
I have read and understood these terms and conditions and accept the contents in their entirety.
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