The environment more than ever needs to be taken care of, by playing your part in its care it will be around for years to come. The following basics will make a difference. In the UAE,  we have access and freedom to travel almost anywhere in the desert however as Jeepers this level of access very much depends on off-road enthusiasts being respectful and responsible to the environment.

It’s not just the visible flora and fauna that needs protection, but also the sensitive seeds, bulbs and wildlife that lie on or just below the surface. The delicate ecosystem lies dormant for long periods, springing into life after sufficient rain and providing much-needed food for inhabitants of harsh environments.

  • In the desert, avoid what little plant life there is (this is better for your Jeep anyway). Desert plants often have roots that extend extremely deep into the ground in search of water, and as a result they are fixed very firmly in place. There is lots of sand but only a few plants, so you should have no trouble picking a route that avoids any damage to ground vegetation.
  • Never throw litter from your vehicle or leave rubbish behind you – when you are packing up after a BBQ or a camping trip make sure you pack all your rubbish as well.
  • Apart from the harm it can do to the wildlife, nobody wants to arrive at their favourite spots to find it covered with litter left behind by previous visitors.
  • Any Jeeper caught throwing rubbish from their Jeep will be asked to go back and pick it up, repeat offences means your membership will be revoked.
  • Remember that excessive noise is offensive and it scares wildlife, so keep it down where possible!
  • Avoid Camel Farms of which there are plenty in the UAE, if your route takes you past one then reduce speed and avoid contact with the camels and herdsman.
  • Graded tracks should be used with caution and at slow speeds. Bumpy, gravel surfaces and unexpected twists and turns make it dangerous to drive at high speeds. Slow down for oncoming vehicles to minimise the risk of loose stones flying up and shattering windscreens.
  • Avoid surprises, always assume that a wayward camel or goat is standing in the middle of the road around the next corner!